STOP PRESS - November 2010

New album - "Fall Away Like Leaves"

Tony has 13 new songs, written over the last couple of years.

Recording sessions with Rod in France have seen the completion of these songs, and a new album (Vinyl, CD and download) could be ready before the end of the year.

MP3 samples of the new stuff can be found on the MP3 page


There have been several requests for a newsletter. We're trying to gauge the level of interest, frequency etc. So if you'd be interested in (say) a quarterly newsletter, please email Rod (see email address below)

 This site was created to tell the story (from  various perspectives) of the recording band  Tony, Caro and John, and the various incarnations that followed, including the gigging band Forever and Ever and ending up as Ageing Hippies (yeah, just recording again).

We'd like to say that the decision to create this site had nothing to do with the recent revelation that the original vinyl album had slowly acquired a sort of an underground following, that copies in good condition were changing hand for literally hundreds and thousands of pounds(!), and that an enthusiast in Germany wanted to re-release the album on CD. We'd like to say this, but of course we'd be lying... we were totally knocked out!

The site contains band history, (auto)biographical details, discography, photos, downloadable samples of the music, and lots more besides.


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